Information about Cameroon: Cameroon, on the Gulf of Guinea, is a Central African country of varied terrain and wildlife. Its inland capital, Yaoundé, and its biggest city, the seaport Douala city with a population of 1,34 million (2020) are transit points for ecotourism.Read More...

Heritages and Museums



Mankon Museum, The Museum presents cultural and artistic production of the Kingdom of Mankon of the high plateaux of Western Cameroon or the Grassland. This production, which represents an essential part of the cultural and artistic heritage of Mankon, plays a fundamental role in the cultural continuity of the society. Website

Blackitude Museum is an ethnographic museum in Yaoundé; Cameroon. The museum project began in March 1998 from a commitment of its founding president Her Majesty Ngo Nab Fo I NANA Agnes Sunjio through her deep desire to save what remains of the artistic heritage in Cameroon. Address: Yaounde, Cameroon

Doual’art, is a non profit cultural organisation and art centre founded in 1991 in Douala, Cameroon and focussed on new urban practices of African cities. Website

Bandjoun station presents its second exhibition Stories Tellers, curated by Germain Noubi and Angel Tchetmi. Website

The museum of civilizations of Dschang is a museum of Cameroon created in 2011 in Dschang , in the department of Menoua and the region of the West , and located at the edge of the municipal lake arranged .

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